Himstab — a manufacturer of stearates

About us

A Limited Liability Company “Himstab” was established in 2016.

Starting from 2016 we have been constructing the production facilities, developing and manufacturing our own equipment, unique by its operation and arrangement principles.

The company manufactures metallic stearates of various grades by own technology enabling to obtain the products as per the individual customers’ requirements. To the date, we have tried out the processes for production of Ca, Zn, Ba, Al, Na, K, Mg, Li, Co and Fe stearates.

Our company is planning regular expansion on the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia and USA.

We have a highly experienced personnel, which possesses its own original developments in chemistry, production and technology.

Our basic advantages are: the high degree of automation excluding the human- factor aspect, waste-free production and small size.

We’re developing a number of completely new cost-effective products by new technologies.

The metallic stearates are widely used as the heat stabilizers for polymers (for ex., polyvinyl chloride), in manufacture of the artificial leather and linoleum, profiles, piping and cables, in the laboratory routine, in manufacture of paints, lacquers, hot-melt adhesives, in processing of plastics, pelletizing of vitamins and pharmaceuticals, in metallurgy, paper, food and footwear industries, in manufacture of construction mixtures, gum and rubber, cosmetics, and as the components of the grease lubricants, etc.

“Himstab”, LLC has been developing a number of completely new cost-effective products by new technologies

Market development

The quality of our products is perfect. It has been tested by many enterprises, and to compare with the European and Asian stearate manufacturers, our products got only the highest results.

The application area of stearates in Europe and Asia is rather wide, consequently, our aim is to be marketed not only in the CIS countries, but abroad as well.

The productive efficiency of our plant, first of all, in the following competitive advantages:

  • a new technology, allowing to compete with the global stearate manufacturers
  • a price-quality ratio, in fact, we offer at a lower market price while maintaining the highest product quality
  • an advantageous plant location, which makes it possible to supply the final products to our counterparties on more favorable terms (such as: price, delivery time and building the required quantity up)
  • skilled personnel, who can effectively work in a team.

The stearates made by our production method are of “the chemically pure” grade


The production design capacity allows to completely meet the demand of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in the product, as well as to secure presence on the European and Asian markets.